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Overview of NUSRI Research

Leveraging on the world-class excellence of NUS, NUSRI aims to extend NUS research capabilities beyond Singapore, and thus contribute to the rapid development of China. Focus areas and flagship programmes are identified to deliver high-impact research. Emphasizing both fundamental and applied research, NUSRI strives to strengthen NUS research, and to promote China’s technology innovation and economic development.

Six Key Research Areas:

■ Centre of advanced microelectronic devices

■ Research centre of interactive multimedia

■ Centre for bioengineering and biomedical sciences

■ Laboratory of energy and environment interface engineering

■ Advanced food research laboratory

■ Laboratory for advanced 3D bioprinting

NUSRI has so far secured roughly 30 research grants in China. Among them, 9 grants are from national funding agencies including Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST).

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