2018 Winter Programme



The Department of Chinese Studies of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) NUS and the NUS (Suzhou) Research Institute (NUSRI) jointly offer CH3297 Chinese Business Enterprises and Management for NUSRI's 2018 Winter Programme from 10 December to 29 December 2018 to all university students.

NUSRI (www.remixthesun.com) is located within Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP). With the unrevealing of its new building in 2013, NUSRI has received groups of students from NUS, SMU, NTU and overseas universities.

With lectures and fieldtrips conducted exclusively in Suzhou China, the objective of the programme is to provide university students an in-depth exposure of the set-up and development of various types of enterprises in China, so as to better understand and adapt to the social environment and business setting in China.

Over a period of three weeks, participants have opportunities to visit state-owned enterprise, e-commerce company, multi-national company and small and medium enterprise. Students get to know the operational and strategical challenges companies face in a competitive environment of the rising China through direct interaction with the enterprise leaders. Related lectures on geographic and economic landscapes, cultural and social environment in China will be given before or after each visit.

Suzhou, winner of the 2014 Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize, is referred as the "Oriental Venice". The Classical Gardens in Suzhou (total 69 preserved gardens) are all recognised as the UNESCO heritage sites. Modern Suzhou, as one of the most prosperous cities in China, is home to many aspiring entrepreneurs. Students will get ready to discover an incredible array of historical and cultural attractions in a place where skyscrapers coexist with beautifully preserved old town of Suzhou and other cities.


Students will be able to receive 4MCs under CH3297 upon successful completion of the programme and required assessments.


The programme fee is S$1,980 and includes the following:

·                     Double occupancy lodging throughout the programme

·                     Local transportation for planned activities

·                     Activities and lessons in Suzhou, Hangzhou and Shanghai

·                     Meals during major occasions

Students who register before 30 September 2018 could enjoy special rate of S$1,780.


Application (Deadline: 31 October 2018)

Please download the Application Form and email the completed applicaiton form to education@nusri.cn.


Gabriella Redgment (Business School, University of Western Australia)

2014 Winter Immersion Programme Participant

 "This opportunity to study abroad in Suzhou, China has been the best experience of my undergraduate degree so far, as I have been pushed out of my comfort zone discovering a new culture; I believe this has furthered my growth on an academic and personal level."

Ang Ying Xin (School of Design&Environment, National University of Singapore)

2015 Winter Immersion Programme Participant

"This programme has not only provided us with the technical knowledge but also the physical chance to see what is actually happening in China. The industrial visits were well arranged presenting good linkage with the lecture topics. We get to see and listen from local companies and foreign companies to understand what challenges they are currently facing in the Chinese market. Guest lecturers have given constructive point of view and allow us to hear from successful entrepreneurs what they have been through. Hearing from such experienced speakers serves as a motivation for me. I aspire to be like them, to learn from them and to open up more collaboration opportunities and further my eye sight to possible business opportunities in China."

Daing Muhammad Irfan Bin Mohamed Farhan (Faculty of Engineering, National University of Singapore)

2015 Winter Immersion Programme Participant

"In conclusion after this program, I am very satisfied with the program NUSRI provided for us. Stepping outside of my comfort zone allows me to think better and how I can improve myself better for the future. This program has allowed me to develop my business ideas more creatively. I would strongly recommend this program to those who are interested in business and startup."

Tan Jian Cheng (Business School, National University of Singapore)

2016 Winter Immersion Programme Participant

"Throughout the Winter Programme that spanned across a period of three weeks, I have been exposed to the various operational strategies and framework has broaden my intellectual boundaries and shaped my thinking process. Furthermore, the opportunities to visit industrial and cultural sites offer a glimpse of China’s history, culture and actual business environment besides drawing good linkage with the lecture topics. The interactions with domestic companies and local people have undoubtedly enriched my study experiences that will be beneficial to me in the future. In conclusion, I believe that learning is an on-going process as it helps in broadening my intellectual knowledge and aided in my personal development. This Winter Programme has been fruitful and undoubtedly added value to my learning journey in the university. Having reflected on the amazing study experiences over the past weeks made me believe that I have made the right decision in joining this programme, as not only did I establish new friendships but also creates new sentimental memories."

SU I-SHIN (Yale-NUS College, National University of Singapore)

2017 Winter Immersion Programme Participant

"As much as I enjoyed the program, it ultimately had to come to an end. As I depart, however, it was clear that this trip, more accurately this program, has opened a new door for me. Quite literally, my mindset regarding China’s development has shifted considerably for the better. I now see China as a door to multiple windows of possibility along three axes. Technologically, it appears to stand at the forefront of FinTech development. Economically, its combination of government-controlled businesses and private enterprises has been yielding exciting economic outcomes, giving policy makers around the world the opportunity to observe a novel form of macro-economic governance. I can foresee, and ardently look forward to, my next visit."

Benita Neo Yan Ting (School of Computing, National University of Singapore)

2017 Summer Immersion Programme Participant

"I really feel that this trip was fruitful in terms of exposing me to the Country of the Future, and I think this module is a good start of cultivating an appreciation and a deeper understanding and respect for the country we originate from. I think it is time that we embrace the fact that China will inevitably be the country of opportunities. Having been to China many times, this is the first time I can confidently say I came back home learning so much about China – its culture, business landscape, the lifestyle, with so many fond memories of my short time here.”


For more details of the programme, please download the programme description by clicking 2018 Winter Programme



For further queries:  nusri@nus.edu.sg or education@nusri.cn

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