The establishment of the National University of Singapore (Suzhou) Research Institute (NUSRI), a comprehensive international research institution, reinforces the spirit of cooperation between China and Singapore in technology and education. At NUSRI, we strive to establish a multidisciplinary platform that leverages the strong research capabilities of National University of Singapore (NUS) to enhance the scientific, economic and industrial thrusts of Jiangsu and China.

As part of its vision to be a leading global university centered in Asia, NUS hopes to engage China closely and directly through NUSRI. This institute is also envisioned to serve as a platform for NUS to influence and contribute academically to China and the rest of the world through in-depth cooperation with various parties from China in the areas of technology, education and culture.

NUSRI takes pride in being a people-oriented institution. We cultivate and unleash the potential of people through education; we are committed to be of service to people through technology and we aspire to create wealth through innovation and enterprise. On behalf of our dedicated team, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for your continuing support. We look forward to a successful partnership between us as we forge ahead in continuously developing NUSRI to be diverse, unique and innovative.

Professor Xu Guo Qin


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