Famous for its gardens and its silk, the ancient and moated city of Suzhou, just thirty minutes from Shanghai by train, lies at the point where the rail line meets the Grand Canal. The town itself is built on a network of interlocking canals whose waters feed the series of renowned classical gardens that are Suzhou’s pride and glory. In its economy, the GDP per capita of Suzhou accounts for more than twice the provincial average. With the prosperous development, the vibrant city attracted an overspill of scholars, officials and merchants, bringing wealth and patronage with them.


Suzhou Industrial Park

Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) is the largest cooperation project between China and Singapore Government. It is located beside the beautiful Jinji Lake, which lies to the east of Suzhou Old city. On 26th February 1994, Vice Premier Mr Li Lanqing and Senior Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew represented China and Singapore respectively in signing the agreement to jointly develop Suzhou Industrial Park. The project officially commenced on 12th May in the same year. SIP has a total jurisdiction area of 288 sq km, of which, the China-Singapore cooperation area covers 80 sq km with a planned residential population of 1.2 million. With rapid growth of innovation-based and service-oriented industries, SIP has witnessed continuous optimization of economic structure. In 2011, the processing trade accounted for 73% of total import and export, increasing by a dozen percentage points in comparison with the level four years ago.


Suzhou Dushu Lake Science and Education Innovation District

Located to the southeast of ancient Suzhou city and situated on the south of Suzhou Industrial Park, Dushu Lake is a fresh water lake which covers approximately 10 sq km area. Sitting beside the lake, the so-called Dushu Lake Higher Education Town was created. For driving industrial transformation in the local area and promoting the economic growth, four functional areas which are: higher education area, bio-bay, innovative industry park and comprehensive development area of education, research and entrepreneurship are conceptualised in the town. By far, the Town has taken in 22 academies and nearly 80,000 teachers and students. The integration and intercommunication between higher education institutions and the city form a new style of campus and city.


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